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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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karen: announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- antoinette: breaking overnight, a multicar crash sends six people to the hospital. the details just coming in. doug: frightening moments at a donald trump rally. new information coming in about what set off that incident. antoinette: caught from the crossfire. a gunfire breaks out right in the middle of the day. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. antoinette: and a good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. it is 5:00 in case you forgot about your clock. doug: not 6:00. antoinette: it's sunday, november 6 as well. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm doug meehan. let's get right over to kelly ann. there were sprinkles on the way in this morning.
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kelly ann: it's pushing out but lingering for folks near the coast and the cape. if you're heading out early this morning, some of these showers are keeping our temperatures warmer, many of us in the 40's this morning. you can see where they lie. it's a very light drizzle toward the coast. mainly confined within 495. you can see how that's moving along the corridor pushing eastward. downtown boston getting in on some of these light showers. it's affecting travel along drizzle in place. not any ponding water issues, but a bit wet for early travel. and also moving down to the cape as well, extending toward rhode island. what we're watching in the forecast ahead is for the initial chance of rain to move offshore, but we have sprinkle chances for later on moving onto the coast with heavy clouds pushing through. right now we're in the 40's.
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temperature scheme into the afternoon as we hover right around 50 degrees even in the height of the afternoon. antoinette: thank you for that. breaking news this morning -- a major car crash in boston sends six people, including children, to the hospital. take a look at this video just into our newsroom of that scene in egleston square in roxbury. boston e.m.s. says the victims are all being treated for injuries that are not considered life-threatening. the multiple car crash happened around midnight on washington investigating what caused it. commitment 2016 this morning -- a frightening moment for donald trump at a rally in nevada. doug: secret service agents rushed the gop candidate off the stage. this is how it happened. >> by the way, folks, while we're at it, great -- >> go, go.
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the stage is brought to the ground and then carried out. the eye's juli mcdonald with new information. juli: an apparent protestor at donald trump's event in reno in and of itself not unusual. >> we have one of those guys from -- from the hillary clinton campaign. juli: but what happened next unleashed panic in the arena. as trump secret service detail rushed him offstage, a man in a blue sweater was tackled and removed from the venue. the secret service began when someone yelled gun. no weapon was ever found. >> nobody ever said it was going to be easy for us. juli: as their campaigns wind down -- >> i want to be the president for everybody. people who don't agree with me. juli: the candidates doing everything they can to wind up voters. >> hillary and her special
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to florida and nevada saturday. across the country, nearly 37 million votes have already been cast in 39 states. for hillary clinton, after friday's performance with jay-z and beyonce, katy perry was singing her song at this concert in philadelphia. clinton's campaign has spent more than 2$267 television advertising. trump has invested 93 million according to data collected by canter media. i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: today the candidates are barnstorming key states. hillary clinton will be campaigning in cleveland with basketball star lebron james before heading to manchester, new hampshire. we have the presidential
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city and so will newscenter 5. j.c. monahan is at trump headquarters and ben simmoneau will be with the clinton camp. their live reports get started tuesday afternoon. doug: right now, no arrests in brockton after a 3-year-old is hit by a bullet. gunfire erupting in his neighborhood as a peace rally was wrapping up nearby. the eye's nicole estaphan spoke with neighbors concerned about their safety. nicole: you can see the hole where the bullet went into the family'siv we're told that little boy wasn't in the living room. he was in the kitchen about 12 feet away. a little boy being taken away on a stretcher after being shot by a stray bullet while playing with his cousins. >> sitting on the picnic enjoying myself with a friend of mine. the next thing i know, pop, pop, pop. six rounds go off. nicole: around 1:00 saturday afternoon, several shots were fired in brockton. >> i knew it was gunfire.
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the bullets went into the first floor of a triple-decker, inside several children. the aunt said she heard the shot but was confused. >> he was crying, holding his legs. i checked him out, and i didn't see any blood. and then he keep holding his legs, and finally i pull it up. nicole: that's when she realized the boy was bleeding. >> this is something unusual. nicole: she quickly gathered the other children and called for help. several bullets hitting unintended targets including two very visible bullet holes in this mail truck. family members tell us that boy is home, resting, and doing well. in brockton, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: it was also a violent weekend in dorchester. boston police investigating two deadly shootings there. a man in his mid 20's was shot
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police trying to track down witnesses and leads in that case. just a few hours earlier, another deadly shooting, this one on bentham road. police say they were called out for a report of gunshots, but they didn't find a victim at the scene. that is when they learned the victim managed to get himself to the hospital, but he did not survive. police believe both shootings are gang-related. doug: a new hampshire man is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly shooting his neighbor's dog. 39-year-old mason tells police he felt threatened when the dog was running towards him and his 6-year-old son. he claims the dog names travis is aggressive and has had issues in the past. police say travis is lucky to be alive, the bullet missing all of its vital organs. >> anytime someone's using a firearm, it's the absolute last resort to use a firearm, so you really have to exhaust any and all other options before you use the firearm.
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into police. he will face a judge in january. antoinette: the man accused in the hit-and-run of a billerica police officers has turned himself in. eric oblenis is facing charges including assault and battery. the incident happened friday night in a drugstore parking lot. police say the officer call oblenis injecting something into his arm as he walked up into the minivan. that's when oblenis tried to drive off. doug: a second harvard university team accused of making lewd comment about female players. the cross country team made crude scouting reports about the women's team. harvard men's soccer team was suspended earlier last week for engaging in similar behavior. antoinette: a reminder to drivers, that big project on our doorstep out there, route 128 south in needham is closed right now. that closure continues.
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the old highland avenue bridge. you will be detoured up and over the new bridge and back on the highway. as we told you yesterday, highland avenue remains closed. i had to go all the way around this morning. doug: plan accordingly. until they get it cleared up, it causes major backups. antoinette: by tomorrow. doug: new bushing developments about a kidnapping case out of south carolina. antoinette: the suspected serial killer making a startling police as they identify a body found on the body. doug: premier leather jackets made in mass. kelly ann: cooler air with stubborn clouds for some. a chance for spot showers. announcer: a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00. newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of
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spray generously before taking your seat and v.i.poo forms a protective layer trapping the icky smell of your devil's donuts. so, no red faces in front of your boss, hollywood's hottest director. even a vip needs to v.i.poo. doug: welcome back. it's 5:13. right now, police in south carolina are investigating disturbing new revelations into the man accused of antoinette: the sheriff says that suspect has admitted to murdering up to seven people. todd kohlhepp had new details about the case that no one else would have known. >> i'm happy to report to you because my god answers prayers. we served four warrants on todd kohlhepp today with a confession he did this crime. antoinette: the suspect was arrested after 30-year-old kala
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carver, disappeared months ago. carver's remains were identified yesterday. doug: you're waking up this morning perhaps a little early because your body clock is going off, but we've got rain to start it off. kelly ann: we do, a very light rain pushing through, and it's odd how it's playing a part with our temperatures. notice heading out this morning, it wasn't as cold as yesterday. antoinette: it's in the 40's. yesterday 29 degrees at this exact time. i remember. kelly ann: i think our bodies remember too. that's the piece of good news as we're waking up. some of these showers moving through. out toward the cape, light rain does linger. temperaturewise, we are feeling mild. the start, unfortunately, we are looking to stay around the 40's mark. not much changes there. here's a look at the rainfall pushing through this morning. nothing much.
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you can see how it's really progressing through as it's pushing eastward. that's good news as we will be drying out quickly this morning. downtown boston still getting in on that light drizzle. that just barely extends onto 495 and for your 128 travel as well. that's going to be moving off. notice how the very spotty rain has moved down toward plymouth and the south coast. moving onto the islands and the cape as well. this will likely linger for for the rest of us, we will be drying out waiting for what's next as we move into the afternoon. this is the thing. we likely won't stay completely dry this afternoon. we have this circulation of low pressure to our east. with the direction of the winds moving in, we're going to see what's called ocean-enhanced clouds or ocean-effect clouds affect much of the coast this afternoon. that's going to bring the chance of spotty drizzle throughout the
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right now temperatures hanging out in the 40's. a balmy 48 degrees in downtown boston compared to the 20's of yesterday. 42 as we head out toward worcester. a few upper 30's further inland. notice how the water temperature is in the mid 50's. that's going to help enhance the chance of clouds and sprinkles on the coast for later this afternoon. highs today looking to top out in the upper 40's to lower 50's, worcester just about 46 degrees. it's a chilly high for today especially with those gusty winds that are looking to strengthen this afternoon. futurecast showing clouds building in this morning. notice how the initial band of rain moves off the coast. by this afternoon, there's that spotty drizzle. it's mainly from 128 eastward onto the coast and moving onto the cape as well. that is something that will stick around even into the late afternoon and evening. we'll be watching that spotty drizzle chance hanging around the coast, drying out into the
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things clearing out as we head into monday. tuesday, election day, things are looking great, temperatures hitting 60 degrees. bright and chilly in the morning but a nice high of 60 with a mostly sunny sky expected. no chance of rain for tuesday. heading toward wednesday, clouds build. that could bring a spot shower or two. however, the overall progression with that seven-day is for us to see more dry opportunities until next weekend. doug and antoinette? antoinette: all right, kelly ann, thank you. time 5:17. right now -- doug: police in new jersey are on the scene of a deadly stabbing. investigators saying a woman and two children are dead. several others are hurt after they were attacked at a newark home. police say many of the victims are members of the same family. the prosecutor's office saying police are searching for a person of interest in connection with yesterday's attack. antoinette: a vigil for a fallen nypd police officer, hundreds gathering to remember sergeant
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that as another officer injured in that shooting is released from the hospital. sergeant emmanuel kwo is recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg. the officers confronted an armed suspect after he'd broken into his estranged wife's home. doug: one of the nearly 300 school girls kidnapped by boko haram has been found. the nigerian army says she was found in the woods carrying her 10-month-old son. officials say she was part of a group that managed to young girls from a boarding school back in 2014. more than 20,000 people have died in that conflict. announcer: now here's bob halloran with sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. bob: it's the tale of two brothers, and the hayes boys are skating in different directions. the bruins' jimmy hayes has gone 26 games without a point and was a healthy scratch last night against the rangers while the rangers' kevin hayes is red hot with eight points in his last
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both kids are the pride of dorchester, but kev's bringing a little more pride these days. bruins home after four on the road, and it's patrice bergeron with his second of the year. b's up 1-0. the bruins had a three-game winning streak, and tuukka rask with a perfect 6-0. but things went south quickly. first, nick holden ties it up. and then watch this. the bruins on the power play, but the rangers have the breakaway. michael grabner feeds derek stepan, and he beats rask to make it 2-1. a short-handed goal there and one right here. it's kevay pack. he waits and fires, and that's his fifth of the year. the rangers go on to beat the bruins 5-2. b's host buffalo on monday. no patriots today, but the celtics are home against the denver nuggets tonight. al horford is out with a concussion, but kelly olynyk may make his season debut. that's sports. have a great day. doug: bobby, thank you. made in mass. top-quality leather jackets in high demand even in hollywood. so i paid a visit to a company that's been crafting them for
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door and up five floors in this old fall river mill, you'll find true craftsmen and women carving out a true american classic, the leather motorcycle jacket. >> the best way of cutting for the quality is this way, by hand. doug: mike is the owner of the company. since the '70's, his company has been making the premier leather wear for motorcycle enthusiasts. ba operation from boston into this massive converted mill. today they process some 15,000 square feet of leather a week into what is considered by many as the top of the line in leather fashion and, more importantly, rider protection. >> every single item is handled and every single item is worked on by a very small collection of people who really know what they're doing, and they do a beautiful job. doug: this rugged biker
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the beautiful people started taking notice, and hollywood came calling. tom cruise wore this tricked out jacket in "days of thunder." the anchorman franchise got in the action as well and so did wolverine in the first x-men movie. but it's the average joe who wants to feel like joe cool where vancen hits the mark. kim is mike's wife and sales manager. >> when you handlebars, this is what happens. reporter: doug: she says even though bikers are the bread and butter, more and more consumers are looking for the right look. >> it makes you look good. it makes you feel good. it exudes that, you know, independence and i am cool and i've arrived, but this, it fits you nicely. yeah. doug: tell you what, took me a
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full body suit. a lot of cows were used for that one. i don't mind telling you. antoinette: i was not prepared for that, by the way. doug: it was pretty cool. it's neat where you can buy your jackets right downstairs from where they're made upstairs. this is no joke. if you're a racer, if you're a bike racer, this is the real deal stuff. and for the amateurs. antoinette: the amateurs squeezing. did you have to use baby powder to get out of there. doug: slipped sausage. antoinette: it can be a trick or a treat. doug: this next story ends in a real sweet way. the apology letter that led to a massive amount of chocolate bars. antoinette: plus drinking spicy flavors to soothe painful cramps. doug: a live look outside from our city cam. a little drizzle. we'll check in with kelly ann to see how long this morning rain
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kelly ann: as you're waking up early this morning, light rain lingering as you move eastward. that's the main concern heading out early this morning. this is going to be pushing off the coast quickly. let's zoom in. you can see right now mainly from 495 eastward into boston, there's rain in place, also some spot drizzle moving out to the south coast and cape as well. doug and antoinette, this will
5:26 am
on the coast for later this afternoon. antoinette: all right, kelly ann. thank you. trick-or-treat. doug: or maybe we should say tweet. a college student tweeted this picture of an apology note. somebody left it while they stole a kit kat bar from his car. kit kat saw the tweet and gave him thousands of candy bars. excited in the weather center. you should give me a break. doug: 5:26 right now. election day now just two days away. antoinette: that is sending some of the biggest names in bay stay politics to new hampshire. how they're hoping to tip the ballots. following breaking news out of boston. five cars were involved in a
5:27 am
square. six people treated at the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. doug: kelly ann has the rest of your sunday forecast. no patriots game today. antoinette: thank goodness with
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- kelly ann: rain is moving out,
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showers. that timeline ahead. doug: breaking overnight, several people sent to the hospital after a multicar crash. antoinette: a deadly fire in boston. the warning from neighbors days ahead. doug: massachusetts politicians making a pre-election blitz in new hampshire. the question now, are they swaying voters? announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: 5:30. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio along with kelly ann cicalese. hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep or if you're up at this hour, maybe you didn't get any extra clock. kelly ann: the body clock -- doug: goes off anyway. antoinette: or the crying baby. kelly ann: you're waking up early this morning and seeing light rain. it's not a perfect start to our sunday. the good news is that temperatures are about 20 degrees warmer than they were
5:31 am
right now we're inching toward the upper 40's. you've got to take the good with the bad. we have light rain lingering, evening a drizzle moving onto the coast. downtown boston is where the light rain is in place. notice how these are progressing quickly south and eastward. 495 starting to dry out. still seeing light rain with your 128 travel especially down toward norwood and stretching down toward the south coast and onto the cape as well. this is going to be quickly moving out this morning. so we're win mid-morning forecast. staying dry in the afternoon with the exception of coastal locations seeing heavy clouds with drizzle chance moving back in this afternoon and evening. that's what we're tracking as we see this northerly wind pushing into our area. that's not only going to bring a chance of rain but keep our temperatures on the lower end of the scale, doug and antoinette. antoinette: thank you. we are following breaking news this morning coming in overnight from roxbury.
5:32 am
investigating a cash involving at least five cars in egleston square. some victims are children. none of those injuries are life-threatening. antoinette: a scare at a donald trump rally in reno, neve dekalim -- reno, nevada. someone in the crowd yelled gun. agents grabbed that person but no gun was found. trump did return to the podium and finished his speech. doug: this morning a 3-year-old struck by a stray bullet in brockton is back home and recovering. he when those shots were fired yesterday afternoon. the bullet went through the wall and struck the child in the leg. police are still searching for the person who fired the shot. antoinette: a deadly fire ripped right through a home in roxbury. smoke pouring in the building on george street. fire officials say the building was collapsed. one victim killed inside. as the eyeopener's juli mcdonald tells us, several neighbors are
5:33 am
ringing like crazy. by then the flames were out of control. juli: frantic neighbors ran door to door shouting to warn others about a massive fire tearing through this vacant house on george street. >> she woke me up. i seen an inferno. black clouds. flames in this building and that building. juli: the building is known to have squatters. firefighters were unable to do >> human beings, you know what i mean? human beings. that's what i was worried about. juli: 11 neighbors were displaced because of damage. this mother is relieved her kids and pets got out safely but is heartbroken about what was lost to flooding. >> everything in the basement is gone. my valuables, pictures, old pictures, just a lot of things were down there. and it's gone.
5:34 am
debris, this as neighbors recover from a trauma literally too close to home. >> it's crazy for something to happen so close to you. you see it on tv, and you get neutral about it, you know what i mean? you can't feel it. oh, yeah. but when you see it for real, it comes back. the real feelings come back in. juli: neighbors told me boston firefighters were here immediately, which they believe saved their homes from catching fire as well. there was a second person rushed to the hospital with serious burns, and he is still there newscenter 5. doug: thank you. some of the biggest names in massachusetts politics are blitzing new hampshire this weekend. they're hoping to tip the balance in several close granite state races including the race for president. newscenter 5's david bienick tells us how effective they're likely to be. >> happy birthday, dear chris. reporter: governor charlie
5:35 am
a last campaign stop in sununu's race for governor of new hampshire. >> a lot of people live in new hampshire who used to live in massachusetts. reporter: up the road in concord, senator elizabeth warren has made so many recent trips to new hampshire, can she even keep count? >> no, but it's been fun every time. reporter: boston mayor ever heard go back to boston? >> no. reporter: now that the general election is close, new hampshire voters say they're used to being invaded by out-of-state surrogates, including their southern neighbors. >> the relationship is there, but it doesn't sway me. reporter: for every bay state politician in new hampshire this week, there are hundreds if not thousands of average massachusetts citizens here
5:36 am
knocking on doors. >> i'm just giving my opinion. we're all entitled, you know. reporter: do you tell them you're from massachusetts? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. reporter: do you think there will be any resentment about people coming from massachusetts and telling them how to vote? something they're willing to risk. antoinette: apologies from crude joke about hillary clinton. here's what former governor john sununu said at a donald trump rally on friday. >> do you think bill was referring to hillary when he said, "i did not have sex with that woman"? antoinette: sununu's son, chris, now running for governor, denounced that comment, saying his father has apologized.
5:37 am
crass joke, and he apologized for it yesterday. democrats will do anything they can do to not talk about issues, not talk about the substance of the campaign. they're big on their personal attacks and hitting me personally. antoinette: sununu is running against colin van ostern. they are trying to replace maggie hassan, running for senate. tomorrow, just one day before election day, president obama will rally students at unh. the president plans to lay out and her vision for america. that rally begins at 3:00. doug: parents, teachers and community leaders from several north shore cities and towns will rally against the expansion of charter schools. critics say question 2 takes millions of dollars away from successful local districts public schools. supporters, including governor charlie baker, says it gives students enrolled in failing schools the chance for a better
5:38 am
join us starting at 4:00 in the afternoon. we have special hour coverage at 7:00. abc has the latest results starting at 8:00. and we'll be here for newscenter 5 at 11:00. antoinette: bourne police are investigating a wild attack. 28-year-old mike dudas of dorchester is accused of hitting another man with a baseball bat, stealing the victim's car and crashing it into a police cruiser. investigators say the men got into an argument at a home on quail hill road just before that attack. the victim is serious injuries. dudas is facing charges including attempted murder. antoinette: more than a dozen teens will testify in front of a grand jury. 15-year-old ethan costello was killed after a fight at an underage drinking party in lowell last weekend. investigators are concerned about the timeline of the incident after learning that nearly two hours went by before costello got any medical attention. 18-year-old joseph zagarella is facing charges in connection
5:39 am
shooting in manchester. they say a fight over a flag led to that shooting yesterday. two people are now under arrest. police say the suspects and two other people were arguing over a flag that one man found offensive. that led to a physical altercation and shots were fired. >> it was the hollering that woke me up to start with. then all of a sudden it turned into a lot more than a verbal argument. antoinette: vi with the suspect. she has been treated and released. doug: the state's ig construction projects are on time. crews are taking down the old highland avenue bridge. the highway will reopen before monday morning's commute. and demolition of the mass pike toll plazas moving forward.
5:40 am
23 work areas was already complete. antoinette: we just hope all the work is worth it for a better commute down the line. doug: at least, right. antoinette: scientists are getting closer to a trip to mars. doug: a special training underway in hawaii. also, how scientists are using volcanos to prepare for a future mission. >> hot pepper, radishes, wasabi, a whole list of things. doug: a new recipe to painful cramps. why a harvard brain scientist and nobel prize winner say it's work. kelly ann: showers are making their way out of the area. i'm tracking the next chance of rain. announcer: a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of the new afternoon lineup starting wednesday, november 9
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hat - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved this message. doug: welcome back. it doesn't matter how fit or strong you are. fighting through a muscle cramp can be a struggle. antoinette: you may think more
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ligh -- electrolytes. emily riemer tells us they created their own solution. emily: training for her first marathon, tracy worried about cramps slowing her down. >> i particularly get it a lot in my feet. emily: diagnosed with multiple sclerosis nine years ago, tracy didn't need a challenge. she looked for a solution and found hot shot, a small drink to soothe muscle cramps. >> hot pepper, radishes, wasabi, a whole list of things. emily: the spicy flavors target cramps at the source. >> scientifically, we always thought it started in the muscle. now we know it starts in the nerve, and the way to treat it is through the nervous system. emily: that discovery a total turnaround from what doctors learn in medical school and how
5:45 am
athletes in agony on the field or sidelines. >> it's like a mini seizure of the neuron that controls the muscle. emily: those neurons have receptors and certain spices can overload those receptors creating a numbing effect. >> that feeds into the brain, the spinal cord, and ultimately damps down the motor neurons. emily: that process can take only minutes. >> you feel the glow simultaneously with the cramp diminishing. it's a really olympic marathoner, a marblehead native, and more than half the teams in the nfl. >> it contains no caffeine, ephedrine, nothing on the banned list. emily: scientists hope they can use the same research to develop treatments targeting other cramps. on the short list, patients suffering from a.l.s. and m.s. so far tracy says hot shot is
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just feeling that spiciness, and you're ready to jump out the door. antoinette: a six-pack sells online for $35. as for tracy, she completed the cape cod marathon on sunday. emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: wow. antoinette: that sounds like a good energy drink. doug: right? that's great news for so many people out there training for the marathons. antoinette: this is the place. doug: good stuff. kelly ann: i wonder if it tastes good. if you likece fast, you don't taste it. kelly ann: i think we'll be looking for heat in any sort of way. we're staying in the 40's through much of the afternoon. this is it. this is as good as it gets. this is going to be a cool end to our weekend as we see gusty winds moving in as these showers move off the coast. most of the rain is really confined to our far east. as you're tracking mainly east of 495, that's where that light rain is lingering and also
5:47 am
downtown boston still in that light drizzle right now. that's pushing south and eastward, still affecting travel along 128 south of norwood and on the cape, we have light rain pushing through. this is going to quickly move off the shore. by 6:00 a.m., i believe most locations will be dry, but we have more where that came from. notice how we had the circulation of these winds bringing in rain chances for vermont and new hampshire right now. that's goingo toward our area as well. we have a chance for drizzle later this afternoon, especially prevalent moving onto the coast where clouds are going to thicken this afternoon and especially into this evening as well. temperatures right now are in the 40's. it's 48 degrees in downtown boston. feeling kind of mild. water temperature is 55. that's going to help reduce those clouds this afternoon and that spotty rain chance on the coast. moving inland, a few more upper
5:48 am
highs today sitting just in the upper 40's to 50 degrees. not watch of a warm-up. topping out at 49 degrees in burlington. spot drizzle chances. rain pushing in from the north at 5 to 15 miles per hour. as we push toward worcester county, we'll see some sun break through. eastward, those clouds will be stubborn. westward toward worcester, sun will break through. not having an impact on our temperatures as we 46 in worcester expected. over the next few days, you will see that temperatures initially will be cool to start monday but warming up quickly on tuesday into the upper 50's. even 60 for many locations. moving down toward the south, upper 50's to lower 60's as well. we have that spot drizzle chance. more so prevalent moving onto the cape and islands. temperatures of 51 in hyannis. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. that means we have that wind-chill factor today.
5:49 am
read lower 50's, it's going to feel like the 40's with that cool north breeze in our region, and that's going to stick around as we head into the forecast tomorrow as well. seven-day looking dry as we head into monday and tuesday. in fact, election day is going to get really warm. we have highs near 60 degrees. that won't last long. we have clouds moving in wednesday, cooling us into the 50's with spot drizzle. as we move toward next weekend, we could see antoinette: what? snowflakes? oh, no. doug: that will be the end of that. antoinette: none of that. time now 5:49. checking some of the other stories we're following right now -- doug: a security scare at an airport in turkey. the governor of istanbul say police fired shots in the air when two suspects on a motorcycle refused to stop. the suspects have been detained. police say they were not carrying any weapons or explosives. the airport is still open but police have stepped up security. antoinette: police in california make arrests in a shooting
5:50 am
at least eight people are recovering after two men started shooting at each other just after midnight. police arrested two suspects in that shooting. the victims are expected to survive. doug: training is underway for a future mission to mars. this month scientists will be hiking around a volcano in hawaii. they're going to be practicing collecting rock samples. the goal is to come up with a collection system that would preserve the samples that they're going to pick up on the red planet. they say the ultimate mission behind the trip to mars is to see if there's life on the with a collection protocol well before takeoff. probably a good idea to have a plan in place before you head up there. more than 250 of the strongest men and women in new england testing their arm wrestling skills. antoinette: the annual new england arm wrestling championships held in nashua yesterday. the old school competition drawing an enthusiastic roster of contestants. chris sununu also made an
5:51 am
no word on whether he tried to compete. doug: a different kind of wrestling. antoinette: people in new hampshire readying for today's marathon in manchester. doug: one group of granite staters taking on a different marathon. how they're putting sewing needles to work to help kids in need. antoinette: we take a live look at the mass pipike. things are looking good on the pike.
5:53 am
massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky.
5:54 am
ave no choice. imagine if your kids were trapped in a failing school. public charter schools give parents a choice and are a pathway to success for these kids. if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. kelly ann: it's not as chilly as you're heading out this morning. many of us in the 40's. rain showers moving eastward. downtown boston 48 degrees. worcester at 42. yesterday at this time you were sitting in the 20's. right now here's the price to
5:55 am
still getting some of that sprinkle action. it's moving south and eastward. now drier air pushing behind that. that will be the case as we head into the late morning. doug and antoinette, new shower chances for later this afternoon. i'll have the latest coming up. doug: the good news is the sun will be up an hour earlier. antoinette: i asked doug what time sunrise was. he said an hour later than yesterday. doug: a unique marathon in antoinette: there are no sneakers required. a group of lions club members and artists got together to sew pillowcases for local charities who help children in crisis. organizers say children in pos -- foster care and other tough situations will be given a unique pillowcase. the volunteers will keep sewing. doug: emojis have their own
5:56 am
for the gathering in honor of those tiny icons, this happening in san francisco this weekend. emoji experts along with experts in language and design explained the significance of the images, saying they can be as important as actual words. antoinette: i agree with this. i like it. doug: let's see. our time here on a sunday morning is breaking news coming out of roxbury. antoinette: six people sent to the hospital after a multicar crash. look at that scene. we're going to continue to bring you updates as we get them in our newsroom. also this morning, a new hampshire man facing animal cruelty charges. why he says he felt threatened by the dog that he shot. doug: dark and ominous out there right now. kelly ann says sprinkles and showers are in the forecast. she'll let you know how long they'll stick around when the
5:57 am
it ? our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education,
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" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?. "see what's possible." announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- antoinette: breaking overnight, a multicar crash sends six
6:00 am
doug: frightening moments at a donald trump rally. the candidate rushed off the stage by secret service agents. new information coming in about what set off that incident. antoinette: caught from the crossfire. a 3-year-old child wounded when gunfire breaks out right in the middle of the day. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. antoinette: and a good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. it is 6:00. 6:00 in case you didn't change all those clocks. doug: i'm doug meehan. as we toss it over to kelly ann, you'll be able to change all those clocks. it's rain, rain, rain this morning. kelly ann: we have light drizzle in certain areas of our region. but the good news is it's shifting quickly off the coast. we'll see a dry break for later this morning. good news is, too, we're seeing temperatures quite a bit warmer because of this rain. right now we're in the upper 40's.


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